Getting involved


If you have a disabled child and you live in Sutton, you are already involved!


If you’d like a more active role in the Forum there are lots of ways to help.


Sometimes you may receive a Parents’ Forum questionnaire on a particular topic, often because we have heard similar concerns from several parents and we want to collect as many viewpoints as possible.


By doing this, we can let the relevant Borough departments know and ensure that our collective voice is heard loud and strong.


Your participation in these surveys is invaluable and many thanks to you if you have completed one.


The Forum is run by the Steering Group, with 8 elected local parents facing many of the same difficulties you are facing in parenting disabled children.  Members of the Steering Group meet with the Sutton Improvement Partnership every 6 weeks,  raising issues which are relevant to all of us.


Sutton Parent Carer Forum is an independent Constituted Group; we have an office at No. 8, Stanley Park Road, Wallington, SM6 0EU (the home of Sutton Mencap).