Therapies Focus Group - Session 1 - VIA ZOOM

Tuesday 27 April 2021
10:30 to 12:30

Following on from our therapy review sessions, we are planning to hold a series of focus group meetings between now and September, for parents, providers (including therapists) and commissioners to come together to support the delivery of service improvements to the therapy offer for Children in Sutton.

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Meeting ID 868 8943 0209  Passcode   225435


These will build on the listening events in February, and the work of the therapies review, and the aims of the meetings will be to:

  • Hear more about the experience of parents and carers, building on the listening events

  • Broaden and deepen mutual understanding between parents, commissioners and therapists, so we can continue to strengthen therapy services

  • Focus on some key themes in greater detail: likely to include setting outcomes and targets for therapy, communication between parents and therapists, therapy support at home, and transitions (as well as any other priorities for parents)

  • To understand from parents own experiences what could be better, and what their ideas are for how services work in the future


Following the focus group meetings, we will come together in September for a workshop, where we can bring all these elements together and agree how therapy services can be delivered to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people in Sutton in the future. 

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