Reducing challenging and violent behaviour in children and young people with addtional needs

Friday 27 September 2019
10:00 to 12:30

With Yvonne Newbold

 Solutions, Strategies, Approaches and Thinking Differently

 What is SEND Violent and/or Challenging Behaviour (VCB)

  • The Stigma of VCB and how it effects the whole family
  • Why VCB Happens, looking at extreme anxiety and it’s causes in children and young people with a neurodevelopmental condition such as an intellectual disability, autism including PDA or ADHD
  • Diagnostic overshadowing
  • Reducing meltdowns
  • How all behaviour is communication
  • The Fight and Flight Response
  • What anxiety can look like in children and young people
  • Looking at it from a child’s perspective and working outwards from there including
  • Common Causes of Anxiety in SEND children  Sensory Issues  Communication  Rigid Routines  Resistance to change  Processing speed  Transitions  Theory of Mind Inflexible thinking ❖ Masking


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