All Age Disability Board

The Sutton All Age Disability Board is chaired by Councillor Drew Heffernan and Councillor Jenny Batt. Councillor Jane Pascoe is a member of the Board. This Board replaces the Sutton Disabilty Partnership Board and Sutton Transitions Partnership Board.


Sutton Parent Carer Forum Steering Group members attend the Board and we have a standing item slot on the agenda.

For the meeting taking place on Thursday 10th September, 2020 we have concentrated on the area for which we have received the most feedback from parents and carers which is the OFSTED CQC revisit recommendation that:

There is a need to find a way to reestablish the trust and confidence of parents and parent groups so that constructive working relationships can work in the best interests of children and young people.

You can download the agenda item and please do contact us if you would like to discuss