We were all deeply upset to be told of the death of Gunny Lenz-Mulligan, dedicated SIASS team member, who passed away on Monday 19th October, 2020. Gunny worked tirelessly in the local area for many years supporting our families and was a passionate advocate for our children and young people with additional needs. Gunny was herself a parent/carer of 3 young people with additional needs and many of us knew Gunny and her family personally through our young people’s activities; our thoughts are with her family and she will be greatly missed




Letter from Minister Ford to children and young people with SEND, their families and carers, and those who work to support them






Dear SPCF Steering Group,


 Please find below a summary of the position that has been agreed (verbally) with LBS regarding the policy for transportation and how this links with the safer, greener, school streets initiative. 


Approved SEND Arranged Transport


  1. Contracted SEND Transport
    1. Barriers & Self-Enforcing Schemes – operators undertaking SEND transport will be able to enter the ‘closed area’. We will arrange for operators to carry their contract letters to show as evidence if required to by those manning the barriers etc.
    2. ANPR enforced – at this moment in time we have only identified Carshalton Boys as an issue & only one route.  It is agreed that contracted transport will be able to enter the ‘closed area’ . In terms of arrangements, as this does not come in force until the end of September, my team will provide the valid registration number plates so this can be added to the exemption list for the ANPR cameras. We will keep you updated if additional vehicles/routes need to be added to this list. 

(Jane – with b. above we are assured this relates to all council commissioned/approved SEND transport and so covers the adult social care/MENCAP providers etc you mentioned to me.) 

  1. Assisted Travel Approved Parental Mileage
    1. Barriers & Self-Enforcing Schemes – parents vehicles will be able to enter the ‘closed area’ and drop off at the school. Similar to the operators we will arrange for parents to carry their agreement letter to provide as evidence if required.
    2. ANPR enforced – at this point we are not aware of any parents in this position (due to the ANPR locations) but should there be any arrangements set up in the future they will be able to enter the ‘closed area’. We will continue to monitor the situation and if needed will forward any registration numbers so they can be added to the exempted list.


The travel assistance team will take the lead on communicating to operators and parents to inform them of these arrangements.


 As regards the final group of SEND parents, ie. those undertaking Private Parental EHCP Transport this will be updated ASAP once we have spoken with Paul Garside on Tuesday next week (Paul is on leave today). However, it was confirmed that those in receipt of a blue badge will be able to enter ‘closed areas’


 ( SPCF note, in case this is not clear which it was not to us, this means parent/carers who take their child with SEND to school themselves and do not claim mileage from Sutton Council.  We will update as soon as we have a response on Tuesday)


We are also advised that LBS highways team will advise schools and the ‘policing’ of these arrangements and we are advocating the use of local lists, authorised by Cognus/LBS for each school.







UPDATE 2.7.2020


 Thank you to Kieran Holliday, Yvonne Muza and Liam Roberts from Sutton Council for joining our 

Virtual Coffee Morning today, Thursday 10.30am 2nd July,

Key issues that parents raised will be fed back  to the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Department for Education  

 topics included returning to school or college and support/activities needed over the summer

 We will post the slides and notes here asap

Thank you to Councillor Pascoe for attending and raising key concerns with Officers after the meeting





We have updated this site with a new page for Covid 19 which you can access by clicking  Corona Virus 


Who are the Steering Group?

We are all parent/carers of children and young people with disabilities.  We are passionate about, and committed to, improving services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Sutton.

We are run by parents of disabled children for parents of disabled children who live in the London Borough of Sutton. If that describes you, then you don’t have to join, you already belong.


Why a “Forum”?

The dictionary definition of the word “Forum” is “an open meeting place for discussion and the exchange of ideas”. The Sutton Parent Carer Forum is specifically for parents and carers with a disabled child or young person who live in the London Borough of Sutton; if that describes you, then you don't have to join as you already belong. The Sutton Parent Carer Forum was set up nearly 20 years ago and has been supporting, and providing, a recognised and valued voice for families ever since.


What are our aims?

The aim and role of the Forum is to influence services for families through parent and carer participation. We work across all areas of SEND to ensure that the thoughts and concerns of Sutton parents and carers are represented at every level of the Local Areas decision making.


How do we do it?

We do this by arranging events, focus groups and surgeries as well as by conducting surveys and meeting with parents and carers on individual issues. We feedback our findings and recomendations via local council and health sector decision making Boards. We meet with senior council and health sector managers, who value and need our input. They recognise that the feedback we provide helps services across education, social care and health respond in a meaningful way to the needs of families.


How can you help?

As much or as little as you want!

Most of all, we’d love your views, opinions and feedback, both good and bad, of your experiences of bringing up children and young people with SEND in the Sutton. This will help us to improve services for all our families and ensure that they are at the heart of the Council's planning and provision moving forwards.




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